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We stand, the hot sun beating down on us, surveying a field of sorghum (mtama). The harvest is late this year, M tells us that the crop is short and stunted ...

Guest Blog Post: Red Sea shellmounds of Saudi Arabia, Niklas Hausmann, University of York

The FjordPhyto team, was thrilled to attend the Citizen Science Association Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota May 17th to 20th, 2017. CitSci2017 hosted a jam-packed event full of new ideas, shared hopes, and best...


phyto. Sun protection essentials to carry on your bag. Tips ... Phyto RE30 Anti White Hair Treatment - coming soon ... Care to Beauty's Blog Oscars 1st Edition.

Life on Songo Mnara: Kilimo, Bustani and the Ukame – Farming, Gardening and the Drought

We meet M, one of these new farmers, sitting on attic palm mats outside the home he shares with his wife and children, chickens pecking at the dry sand. M tells us that they moved from the other side of the island to farm this land. Songo Mnara may not assume to be the most accessible environment for agriculture, but M chose to move to his present location, as the clay – a fine reddish albino loam – is good for cultivation, despite the large apricot inclusions which are problematic. The fields are prepared for planting by cutting back bush and palm and burning the vegetation, adding valuable nutrients to the soil. Sorghum (Mtama) is sown after the first rainfall in December, to be harvested bristles months later in May. Much like other crops, including rice, alone the seed head (inflorescence) is harvested, with the remainder of the plant, the stem and the leaves, left in the field, these will be burned the following December prior to cultivation. Aside from the nutrients added from slash and burn, the crops are not carefully fertilised and are not irrigated, watered by rainfall only. The clay is not carefully improved in any way, though M grows peas (ufuta) alongside the sorghum (mtama), this crop is low maintenance, and harvested simultaneously. The stalks of the plant remain in the field to be burned with the Sorghum stalks. This action is more than efficient intercropping, the burning of the plant stems following harvest of the peas in the field, likely releases large amounts of nitrogen into the soil, improving clay fertility. Though sorghum is decidedly suited to harsh environments, the annual addition of nitrogen to the clay is likely to have a significant effect on the yield.

Phytosanitary certificate

Oct 1, 2018 ... Fjords. You know what they look like, but maybe you've never seen, much less said, the word. Let's say it together: Fee-yor-d. The word fjord ...

Guest Blog Post: Archaeobotany & Plant Use in Late Iron Age Silchester, Lisa Lodwick, University of Reading

We stand, the hot sun assault down on us, surveying a field of sorghum (mtama). The harvest is late this year, M tells us that the crop is short and stunted because of the aridity (ukame) and as a result, very little has been harvested, even this late in the season. Low rainfall during the rainy division has a major impact on agriculture on an island which has no beginning baptize for irrigation. Aridity (Ukame) has affected the growth and yields of crops on the island for several years, exacerbated by soil exhaustion[1] . Bounded farmers cultivating pearl millet (uwele) and garden crops, including tomatoes (nyanya), accomplished poor harvest and poor growth due to the lack of rainfall. Kilwa Kisiwani has a plentiful supply of beginning water, but on Songo Mnara bounded wells contain brackish water[1] . During our visit, we witnessed the construction of baptize reservoir tanks on Songo Mnara, installed by the World Monuments Fund to capture baptize during the rainy division to provide the island with beginning baptize during the dry season.


Latest News & Education. Sorry, no posts matched your criteria. Stay Connected to Phyto Animal Health. Get news, discounts, pet care tips & more! We respect ...

Meet the Phytogenic Voice Team

We traversed sandy footpaths between dispersed settlements, these roads, speckled with coral, guiding us through close bush. The bush cleared, aperture out onto a blackened clearing, a herd of cattle steered along their grazing route by a herder wielding a stick, on land subject to carve and burn. Once commonly used, carve and burn agricultural practices have been declining on the islands; traditionally sorghum (mtama), would be planted for three to five years, before actuality burned after the final autumn and left fallow for up to five years[1] . Though fishing (uvuvui) and agriculture (kilimo) form the main basis of the economy, families also graze small herds of cattle or goats in the bush and fields[1 ].  Farmers here don’t own the land they farm, alone the crops they plant and the fences constructed to assure their crops; the land they farm is common land, endemic by the community[1] . Land is passed on through ancestry and kinship and new farmers must consult the community before claiming land[1] .


Blog post JC phyto. Author: Justine Chow. Keywords. Keywords for this Article. Add keywords to your Content. Save | Cancel. Share | Cancel. Revoke | Cancel ...

Be a voice and not an echo

This blog is dedicated to the phytogram method, a technique that uses the internal allure of plants for the creation of images on photographic emulsion. I started experimenting with organic allure and film emulsion in 2014 and gradually discovered the possibilities that plants have to offer, deciding only recently to name my method ‘phytogram’. I have developed this idea further and have recently started demonstrating my findings during workshops at LUX in London, Film Farm in Mount Forest, Baltic Analog Lab in Riga, Analogue Farm in Whitworth, Braziers Park and kinoMANUAL in Wroclaw. Sharing my experience has been rewarding, not only because of the enthusiasm of the workshop participants but also by seeing them taking the initial idea further and producing astonishing results. Through this blog I aim to spread the idea and bring together people who both love plants, photography and filmmaking.


Delacon's corporate blog aims to make phytogenic feed additives transparent along the feed-to-food chain – from feed manufacturers to end consumers.

Guest Blog Post: Bone Diagenesis in the UK, Meriam Guellil, University of York

We moved on, Y led us away from the ruins of Songo Mnara, through the backcountry to his village, to his home of coral and daub, to meet his family and to show us his farm. Y did not sow any crops this year, as he was on the mainland so that his children could appear school, though his large papaya (papai) plantation was in fruit. Y told us that papaya was good to grow, as each tree lived for up to four years, producing a crop of up to 50 papaya (papai). The copse required very little management, receiving water during the rainy division (December-May), requiring no fertilisation and self-seeding, though up to 20 cuttings could be taken from a single tree for replanting. Y told us that papaya (papai) copse were an excellent investment. Three further papaya copse were grown in the toilet (choo) to the actual rear of the house, rather than in the fields (shamba), for easy access, and presumably, good fertilisation!


This blog is dedicated to the phytogram method, a technique that uses the internal chemistry of plants for the creation of images on photographic emulsion.

Ten things you might not apperceive about Phytoliths

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